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Fortinbrás, Now Part of Hallstar, Hires Leonardo Sabedot as New General Manager

JAGUARIÚNA, SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Specialty chemical company Hallstar recently named Leonardo Sabedot as its new General Manager of Fortinbrás, now part of Hallstar. His duties include executing strategy, managing accounts and acquiring new customers to help expand the company’s reach.

With over 15 years’ experience supporting and managing companies including Lincoln Electric, Iskra Autoelectrica and ECS Brasil, Sabedot believes driving operational efficiencies and developing strategies to strengthen sales are the first keys to preparing for long-term success.

“By being more efficient on operations, it will support us to be more competitive and allow us to expand our reach.”

Sabedot’s hands-on, collaborative management approach allows Hallstar to better identify opportunities to strengthen its capabilities, offerings and overall impact within the Brazilian market. Sabedot notes that in order to accomplish these goals, communication across his team is key.

“It’s crucial that you support the team and have the right discussions to narrow down opportunities that have a higher chance of success,” Sabedot says. “It’s very important to over-communicate now than under communicate.”

Hallstar Vice President Jeff Beckman views Sabedot’s addition as overwhelmingly positive for the company’s continued growth.

“Integrating Fortinbrás and Hallstar will take someone like Leonardo who has both a global perspective and local experience to capitalize on the strengths of both cultures,” Beckman says.

About Hallstar:
Hallstar is a leading global provider of specialty chemistry solutions. The company takes a collaborative approach to every engagement, delivering technical support, chemistry expertise and industry knowledge that helps its customers make the most of their products, from concepts to the first production batches. To learn more visit

About Fortinbrás:
Fortinbrás manufactures a wide range of specialty chemical products, including esters, essences, extracts and special butters and oils. Its broad offering is complemented by its strong scientific, technical, marketing, formulation and regulatory support services. The company was acquired by Hallstar in 2015. To learn more about Fortinbrás, please visit

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