Discover 100% Natural Oil-based Actives

Hallstar’s 100% natural-oil based active naturals have scientifically proven efficacy. The foundational wisdom of biomimetic active naturals is that wellness and cosmetic benefits reside within natural sources. If extracted effectively, these naturals are safe and sustainable proxies for comparable synthetic ingredients.

The Oléoactif® Collection: Pollution- and Solvent-Free Extraction

The unique and high-performance green Oléo-éco-extraction technology, developed and patented in France, was built on this idea of gathering the best from nature to cover a broad range of functions. Through this technology, ingredients of high purity and yield are produced without the use of organic solvents and other pollutants — in a way that is ecologically sustainable. The resulting actives are holistically developed with a combination of several plants and oil-based solvents.

Solutions for Active Naturals


Oléoactif® are a new generation of oil-based bioactive complexes. They are the first 100% natural and bio-certifiable cosmetic active ingredients, whose performance is scientifically proven in vitro and in vivo.

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Oléobooster® are a line of micro-structured oily extracts stabilized by the patented Oléo-éco-extraction green process and designed to add protection, preservation or intensification qualities to a wide variety of cosmetic applications.

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The Eurol® family of natural active ingredients leverages the excellent antioxidant properties of olive tree leaves. Multifunctional Eurol® BT and Eurol® BT Powder provide formulations with hydration, anti-redness and anti-bacterial benefits.

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