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Thrive in the Growing Color Cosmetics Market

The color cosmetics industry is thriving, but manufacturers face significant complexity in beauty and personal care product formulation. Pigments, including their surface treatments and proper pigment wetting, are of critical importance to both successful development and consumer satisfaction with color and appearance. Color cosmetic formulation must also address sensitivity around delicate areas like the lips and eyes and demand for multi-use functionality. Hallstar’s experts can help overcome these challenges and assist with formulation for a wide range of applications, including liquid foundations, blushes, lip balms, mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows and more.

Essential Color Cosmetic Chemistry Expertise:

  • Select esters that can wet pigments well and impart desirable skin feel so that the shade in packaging matches the shade on skin
  • Lip product ingredients that are non-toxic, mild and pleasant-tasting, and eye ingredients that are nonirritating
  • A wide portfolio of color cosmetic ingredients for innovative formulations, including emollients, pigment dispersants, functional emulsifiers, stabilizers, skin care active ingredients and more