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Create Next-Generation Sun Care Products

The dangers of sun exposure are now well-known, so most consumers consider effective sun protection essential. As the market moves toward broader and higher sun protection performance, it becomes increasingly challenging to develop globally acceptable sun protection products that work within regional limitations on allowable UV filters, levels and combinations. At the same time, consumers increasingly want their sun care products to contain natural ingredients, to look better and be easy to use.

Hallstar offers a range of solutions for products that require high SPF and PFA performance and improved aesthetics — and the regulatory expertise to ensure global compliance.

Innovations for Exceptional Performance:

  • Specially designed photostabilizers that enable the full benefit of photolabile UV filters
  • Higher polarity emollients that enhance photolabile UV filter stability while functioning as solid UV filter solubilizers
  • Titanium dioxide- and zinc oxide-based UV filters with world-leading aesthetics, low whitening and measurably high SPF/PFA contribution
  • Surfactants, emulsifiers and antioxidants that contribute to sun care product form and function, all tested in specific sun care applications
  • Revolutionary Micah® chemistry, which acts as an anteoxidant to stop UV-induced photo-aging before it starts