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Develop Hair Care Formulations for a Diverse Market

Hair care products can be divided into two main categories: reactive hair care formulations (relaxers, permanent waves, bleaches and permanent colorants) and non-reactive (shampoos, conditioners and styling aids). Hallstar’s ingredients and solutions support both types, including hair masks, oils, serum and shampoo formulations. Our chemistry expertise also helps companies leverage consumer demand for natural hair care and other market trends and requirements.

Solutions for Wide-Ranging Requirements:

  • Botanically derived foaming agents, emulsifiers, solubilizers, conditioner formulations, shine and structuring agents.
  • Non-ester self-emulsifiers provide a stable base for relaxers, cream lotion developers and depilatories.
  • Self-emulsifiers and emulsifiers, some ECOCERT-validated, make excellent bases for various forms of conditioners and styling aids
  • USDA-NOP, botanically derived and specialty synthetic emollients and other natural hair care ingredients enable a wide range of aesthetics, market positions and performance characteristics including organic hair care