Create Safe, Effective and Elegant SPF and PFA Products

Hallstar is a pioneer in photoprotection and photostabilization. As the market moves towards broader and higher sun protection, we help manufacturers develop globally acceptable sun protection products that fit within regional limitations on allowable ingredients, levels and combinations.

Photostability Sunscreen Benefits

To ensure that sun protection remains reliably effective, Hallstar often focuses on proactive photosta­bilization, where scientif­ically designed stabilizers support existing ingredients, such as cosmetic actives (vitamin A, resveratrol and other light-sensitive species) and UV filters (e.g., avobenzone) as well as endogenous chromophores in human skin.

Higher polarity Hallstar emollients also enhance photolabile UV filter stability while concurrently functioning as solid UV filter solubilizers. Our surfactants, emulsifiers and antioxidants further contribute to sun care product form and function, and have all been tested in specific sun care applications. Whether the need is high performance or exceptional aesthetics, Hallstar can help formulate next-generation sun care products.

Solutions for Photoprotection


AvoBrite represents a revolutionary step in Hallstar’s photoprotection platform. Following two decades of inventions in photostability technology aimed at stabilizing both UV filters and skin actives, Hallstar recognized the market need for additional, superior and globally-approved photoprotection technology.

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The HallBrite brand has a long history of providing sunscreen solutions and has been applied globally by the largest sunscreen producers in the world. HallBrite offers a range of ingredients for sunscreen formulations, including sunscreen filters, solubilizers, stabilizers, pigment dispersants and wetting agents, and emollients.

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Anteoxidant Micah, silver prize winner of the 2017 Global In-Cosmetics Innovation Award, is the first ingredient to prevent UV and Visible Light-induced oxidative stress, thus balancing the energy in the skin and suppressing the mechanisms that lead to the visible signs of aging. Skin protected by Micah®, even at a use level of only 0.5%, experiences the same photo-aging result as skin that has not been exposed to UVA light in the first place.

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Polycrylene is a safe and effective non-active ingredient for suncare applications when an extra boost in SPF/PFA results is needed. Its macromolecular backbone not only provides additional water resistance properties, but also precludes contribution to skin irritation and/or penetration concerns associated with non-polymeric oil soluble UV Filters.

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Patented high dielectric constant amide and malate esters that solve the problem of Avobenzone degradation under ultraviolet spectral irradiation. Proper use yields higher SPF and PFA sunscreen products.

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The SolaStay trademark is synonymous with innovation and compliance—meeting the most difficult SPF and broad spectrum regulatory requirements globally. SolaStay S1 is the only singlet quenching stabilizer in the world, and works faster than other competing triplet quenching stabilizers.

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