Get the Benefits of Natural, High-Performance Functionality

Hallstar offers the leading platform of functional naturals. Our portfolio applies advanced technology to naturally derived ingredients from sources such as fruits, nuts and seeds. The fatty acid composition of our functional naturals closely matches that of human skin, allowing for light, nourishing ingredients with exceptional sensoriality. The result is products that can support both natural and functional claims, with benefits backed by rigorous clinical tests.

Functional Bases

Hallstar’s biomimetic emulsifiers generate liquid crystal structures that mimic the stratum corneum organization of the skin, providing deep moisturization with excellent spreadability. Functional bases form fluid (even sprayable) lotions or enhance the texture and viscosity of formulations, improving emulsion stability, sensorial profile and dermatological compatibility. Our newest cold process emulsifier, Olivem® 2090, is a water-in-oil, nature-derived ingredient.

Water-Soluble Emollients

Our water-soluble emollients offer sebum recovering (refatting) activities for distinctive skin smoothness and long-term moisturizing upon rinsing of cleansers.


Hallstar’s botanically-derived dermollients have a fatty acid content that chemically mimics that of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, with exceptional skin compatibility. Our dermollients deliver various effects, which may include an elegant, silicone-like or silky touch while improving skin’s hydration, elasticity and barrier functions.


Our mild surfactants act as primary cleansers in facial wipes or as secondary surfactants in foaming skin cleaners for greater skin compatibility.

Stabilizing Agents

Hallstar stabilizing agents, derived from natural olive chemistry, can solve compatibility issues and are suitable for use in a variety of beauty and personal care applications. They appear as flaked wax but have different chemical structures that satisfy diverse formulating needs.

Active Ingredients

Hallstar’s water-soluble, multifunctional active ingredients deliver a range of benefits, including anti-aging, anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, skin elasticizing, anti-microbial, anti-acne and skin lightening effects. These ingredients can also act as free-radical quenchers at low levels of use.

Solutions for Functional Naturals


Biochemica® is a leading supplier of exotic ingredients for use in cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, sun care. These 100% natural butters and exotic oils support the growing demand for natural products with exceptional sensorial attributes.

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Eurol BT is a multifunctional active. It provides formulation with strong anti-oxidant effect, improvement in skin elasticity and hydration, anti-redness and antibacterial activity. Eurol WHT combines the anti-oxidant properties of olive tree leaves and the strong skin whitening properties of bearberry extract.

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The Florasolvs group of ingredients includes five botanically-derived products that work especially well in high-clarity applications in skin, hair and toiletry applications. Derived from either Jojoba, Sunflower or Macadamia Oil, these products combine natural origins with the efficacy of traditional emollients, solubilizers and secondary emulsifiers.

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The Olivem® line of ingredients is designed by combining the biocompatibility properties of natural olive chemistry and Hallstar's technical expertise to deliver superior benefits to formulations.

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The Oliwax line combines Natural Olive Chemistry with Hallstar’s expertise in personal care ingredients and applications. This combination provides options to structure, stabilize and in some cases imparts additional sensory attributes through promotion of Liquid Crystals structures.

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Sensolene is a line of dermollients combining unique sensoriality with strong clinical benefits for the skin. The Sensolene concept is based on building blocks that specific alcohol generates different sensorial profiles based on chain length and branching.

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