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Conquer Skin Care Product Development Challenges

Hallstar has ingredients and formulations that address the myriad of consumer concerns related to the two main layers of skin: the epidermis (outside) and the dermis (inside). The outermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, is composed mostly of dead cells that are continually being replaced. We can help private-label skin-care manufacturers develop or enhance products that work on the stratum corneum to deliver exceptional aesthetic and other short-term benefits. We also offer skin care formulations to create products that affect the living cells underneath for long-term skin health and anti-aging benefits.

A Wide Spectrum of Market-Ready Ingredients:

  • Skin care emulsifiers, emulsion stabilizers and structurants to achieve and stabilize specific product forms
  • Natural emollients and butters for unique product aesthetics, both tactile and olfactory
  • Protection from environmental causes of premature skin aging or to correct visible signs of aging
  • Products that can enhance active ingredient performance