Hallstar Files Lawsuit Against Proscien for False Claims of French Operations


July 8, 2024, Montpellier, France – Hallstar, leading global innovator in the beauty & personal care and industrial industries, announced today that its French affiliate Hallstar France SAS and its intellectual property company Hallstar Beauty and Personal Care Innovations Company have filed a lawsuit against Proscien for unfair and misleading commercial practices. The lawsuit alleges that Proscien has falsely claimed to have operational facilities in France when it does not. Indeed, Hallstar has found no evidence that Proscien has physical operations outside of China.

The legal action, filed in the Paris Commercial Court, seeks to hold Proscien accountable for its deceptive advertising and marketing practices. Hallstar believes that these false claims have not only misled customers but also unfairly tarnished the reputation of businesses genuinely operating in France. Hallstar owns and operates a research and development, manufacturing and commercial facility in Montpellier, France, as part of Hallstar France.

“We take great pride in our high standards associated with French manufacturing and operations,” said Mr. John Paro, CEO of Hallstar. “It is unacceptable for any company to mislead the public about the nature and location of its operations. This lawsuit aims to protect the integrity of our industry and the quality standard of authentic French products, as well as to ensure that customers can make informed decisions based on truthful information.”

Hallstar first became aware of Proscien when one of Hallstar’s distributor in China, Shanghai Rong Biological Technology Co. Ltd., began promoting and selling Proscien products. Hallstar then immediately moved to a new distributor, Shanghai Tengce industry Co., LTD, and severed its relationship with Shanghai Rong due to Shanghai Rong’s unethical behavior, which included selling products falsely associated with a French based company. In its filing, Hallstar has provided evidence showing that Proscien has no physical operational presence in France and that Proscien has deliberately misrepresented its operational footprint to gain a competitive advantage. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief to stop Proscien from making these false claims, as well as damages for the harm caused to Hallstar’s business. The first hearing date is scheduled for June 10, 2024.

This legal action underscores Hallstar’s commitment to transparency and fair competition. By addressing this issue head-on, Hallstar aims to uphold the values of honesty and integrity that are essential to maintaining trust in the market.

For more information, please contact:
Marie Paro
Director – Branding & Marketing Communications
The Hallstar Company