The result of three years of product development and innovation, AvoBrite® technology represents a revolutionary step in Hallstar’s photoprotection platform. Following two decades of inventions in photostability technology aimed at stabilizing both UV filters and skin actives, Hallstar recognized the market need for additional, superior and globally-approved photoprotection technology. With China’s recent changes to their sun protection laws, AvoBrite® allows sun protection formulators to create China-approved SPF 50+ and PA++++ formulations cost-effectively—and without the challenges of over-formulating with excessive UV filter concentrations that adversely affect finished product aesthetics.

AvoBrite® is a copolymer-based system combining the benefits of novel photostabilizing chromophores with the film former properties of a copolymer base. AvoBrite® also allows formulators to create China-approved sun protection with high SPF and PFA claims, particularly PA++++ products. Combining AvoBrite™ with Avobenzone creates a photostable sun-protection product with minimal active concentration and the highest possible efficacy claims.

Both China and Korea require that new sun care products include PA++++ level of protection from UVA rays. PA rating is a based on the Persistent Pigmentation Darkening test which measures the multiple increase of UVA a person can be exposed to without tanning or darkening of the skin. PA++++, the maximum rating, means a person wearing the sunscreen can withstand at least 16 times more UVA radiation before tanning compared to a person not wearing the same sunscreen.