It takes a lot of blue to stay green

Water conservation in the manufacturing of consumer products has resolutely entered the clean beauty conversation. With 75% of the planet covered with water, the global water shortage is not as self-evident a crisis as, say, melting glaciers or decimated rain forest – all undeniably perilous to our shared environment. The catch: less than 1% of that water is naturally drinkable. Right now, 748 million people (1 in 9) in the world are deprived of drinking water. At the current consumption rates, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be at risk of water scarcity.

In terms of sustaining life on earth, scientists will quickly point out that clean, accessible water is of fundamental importance. We literally cannot live without it.

Using less water in the production and usage of beauty products will be one of the key trends impacting the industry going forward. How will the beauty industry respond to this environmental and consumer requirement? How will brands tackle the challenge of producing innovative, effective products that are less dependent on water resources?

The answer, like so many of our efforts to be transparent and environmentally-friendly, will not be all-or nothing. We cannot always remove water altogether, but brands and their suppliers can take significant steps that are meaningful to consumers. For example, we can help buyers be more water-wise by:

Offering products that enable shorter showers or require no rinsing

Using minimal, biodegradable, ecologically-digestible packaging that helps reduce marine pollution

Minimizing the number of steps and products required in beauty routines by using multifunctional ingredients (like Hallstar’s!)

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