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Body and Hair Oil

Formula Number: NAD022-08-11

Body and Hair Oil is a sprayable hydrating solution. It contains Olivem® 300, an emollient with sebum recovering properties that restores moisture and shine to the skin and hair. Aloe vera and panthenol give the formula an anti-inflammatory property that fights skin irritation, dryness and roughness.

Conditioning Shampoo

Formula Number: 090813

This formulation makes use of the suspending and dispersing properties of HallStar® SAB-2N Flake to deliver Dimethicone of fine particle size to the hair from a shampoo matrix. The alkyl sulfate and amide base provide excellent foaming despite the presence of foam-destabilizing silicone, while the phthalic acid amide helps ensure long-term shelf stability, combating silicone phase coalescence with time.

Crème Rinse Conditioner Base for Normal Hair

Formula Number: 82-1005M

This starter formulation demonstrates the use of CoChem™ SCS as the basis for a crème rinse conditioner for normal hair, providing the detangling, wet combing, dry combing and static control necessary for beautifully manageable hair.

Crystal Leave-On Conditioner

Formula Number: CS15-034-10E

Crystal Leave-On Conditioner nourishes and revitalizes the hair fiber giving an immediate enhanced look. Apply this creamy conditioner to your hair and enjoy the pleasant, flowing touch that Sensolene® and Oliwax® confer to the formulation: you’ll feel your fingers pleasantly slip across the hairs, detangling knots and smoothing lengths, while the liquid crystal structures made by Olivem® 1000 and Oliwax® LC restore the damaged shafts, improving hair vitality.

Crystal Nourishing Hair Therapy

Formula Number: CS15-101-02G

Many common factors and daily activities may contribute to dry hair: poor diet, sun, chlorine from swimming, chemical processing and use of blow dryers and other hot treatments. Crystal Nourishing Hair Therapy is an ultra-light hair dress, perfect for damaged and dry hair. Easy to apply! It helps to recover your hair wellness thanks to liquid crystal technology and a balanced combination of conditioners and nutritive ingredients.

Crystal Shine Hair Therapy

Formula Number: NAD083-13-12F

Indulge your hair with our Crystal Shine Hair Therapy! One simple spritz and your hair will recover its healthy and shiny look. Liquid crystals created by Olivem® LV Flex ensure a moisturizing, light feel, while Biochemica® Argan Shine delivers superior shine to your tresses, without silicones.

Cuticle Sealing Conditioner

Formula Number: GAN6-174M

This simple formula provides a platform from which to demonstrate the versatility of CoChem™ SCS in products ranging from functional, low cost everyday use hair conditioning products to high performance premium products. Because CoChem™ SCS is compatible with a wide range of additives (including moderate levels of electrolytes), the performance of CoChem™ SCS based products can be tailored to provide the specialized performance properties, enhanced esthetics and unique consumer appeal required for products ranging from everyday-use conditioners to once-a-week treatments. All that’s required is the addition of cationic polymers, quaternaries, esters, silicones, effect pigments, botanical extracts and/or other specialty ingredients.

EcoHancing Hair Conditioner

Formula Number: NAD044-09-13D

EcoHancing Hair Conditioner is perfect for stressed and dried hair, as argan, avocado and jojoba oils protect hair from dehydrating effects of sun, sea and chlorine. The presence of Olivem® 1000, able to create liquid crystal structures, and Oliwax® favour the creation of well-blended texture promoting a better distribution of ingredients on the hair for a more effective and uniform conditioning result.

Frizz-Off Conditioner

Formula Number: NAD086-13-28B

Frizz-off Conditioner combines anti-frizz activity with a very light texture. Thanks to the properties of coconut oil, prized as a hair oil for thousands of years, Frizz-Off Conditioner repairs deeply the hair shaft reducing the tendency to frizz. Olivem® LV Flex is the main emulsifying system in this formulation, providing a very light touch to delight the consumer during and after application.

Gentle Baby Shampoo and Conditioner

Formula Number: CPD029-08-01F

Gentle Baby Shampoo and Conditioner blends natural ingredients to gently cleanse and condition hair. Specifically formulated for baby’s delicate hair, the Gentle Baby Shampoo and Conditioner is a unique conditioning formula that leaves hair soft, smooth and easy to manage. Gentle Baby Shampoo and Conditioner can be used every day to clean and condition your baby’s hair. Keep your baby clean and happy with this shampoo with conditioner on hand.

Gentle Hydrating Shampoo

Formula Number: CS16-039-02B

This transparent shampoo combines ultra mildness with superior sensoriality. The very mild surfactant package combining Olivem® 460 with amphoterics ensures gentle cleansing of hair while the balance of Olivem® 300 and Florasolvs® Macadamia-16 delivers superior emolliency and softness to hair. This shampoo is the solution of choice for normal to dry hair, without silicones or scalp irritation.

Hair Protection Oil

Formula Number: RD06-43-16

Hair Protection Oil takes care of your hair during outdoor exposure, avoiding dryness and damage due to sea water. Apply to hair before exposure to the elements for maximum effect.

Hair Relaxer Regular Activator

Formula Number: JZ5-259D

This Guanidine Carbonate-based activator makes use of HallStar® NCD-20 as the primary emulsifier. It is designed to be combined by the user with an equal amount of regular relaxer base JZ5-258C immediately prior to use.

Hair Relaxer Regular Base

Formula Number: JZ5-258C

This Calcium Hydroxide-based relaxer base makes use of HallStar® NCD-20 as the primary emulsifier. It is designed for use with Hair Relaxer Regular Activator JZ5-259D as follows: Wear impermeable gloves. Combine equal amounts of Hair Relaxer Regular Base JZ5-258C and Hair Relaxer Regular Activator JZ5-259D in a plastic bowl. Mix with a wooden spoon until the blend is completely homogeneous. Perform strand test, isolating a small section of inconspicuous hair from the underlayer and smoothing blend into hair without pulling or stretching hair. After about 12 minutes for fine, 15 minutes for medium or 18 minutes for coarse hair, rinse strand thoroughly with warm water. Apply a color-change neutralizing shampoo and rinse out completely. Examine the strand. If it breaks easily, do not relax entire head of hair. If not sufficiently relaxed, increase smoothing time by no more than 3 minutes. If results are satisfactory, continue relaxing process. Rinse after optimized time, smooth the neutralizing shampoo in, after one minute gently distribute lather, then rinse and repeat shampooing process until the shampoo foam no longer changes color on the hair. Apply leave-in conditioner.
Do not scratch scalp before relaxing and perform allergy test before application. No hair coloring for four weeks, no antidandruff shampoo for two weeks, and no other shampooing for three days before application. Not for application to bleached, metallic or henna dyed, permanent-waved or previously relaxed hair. No hair coloring or antidandruff shampoo use for at least two weeks after relaxing.

Hair Sheen Spray

Formula Number: GAN3-97AM3

This nonoily sheen spray is designed to provide light conditioning and sheen to hair via fine mist pump application. The volatile carrier reduces the likelihood of over-conditioning.

Hair Wax

Formula Number: NAD052-11-04F

Hair Wax is a styling product for everyday use. It is a mild holding wax containing Sensolene® Care DD, a special ingredient that provides a desirable emolliency to the hair. Hair Wax gives hair just the right amount of texture!

Hydrating Leave-On Conditioner

Formula Number: CS15-034-10B

Turn your haircare routine into a pampering, invigorating experience with this luxurious, multitasking conditioner designed to impart shine, hydration, and protection to stressed-out tresses. The lightweight formula is a product that caters to all your haircare needs. Olivem® 1000, Oliwax®, Florasolvs Sunflower-10 and Avocado oil help your locks retain moisture, while protecting them from future damage. Hair is left stronger and more manageable.

Hydrating Shampoo

Formula Number: NAD050-10-01B

Conditioning shampoo moisturizes your hair as it cleans. Hydrating Shampoo nourishes hair and adds shine with a unique blend of olive oil derived: Olivem® 400 and Olivem® 300. Gently cleanse and smooth hair without stripping away moisture. Its extra soft and smooth formula moisturises and enhances healthy hair conditions.

Liquid Crystal Hair Kit

Formula Number: CS15-027-01C

Detangles and helps restore a healthy look to hair, leaving it smooth and shiny, without weighing it down. Contains Olivem® 1000 to hydrate, lock in moisture and promote shine.

Liquid Crystal Hair Kit – OLIVEM® VS Feel

Formula Number: CS15-027-01D

Effectively smooths hair without weighing it down, while preventing frizz and fly-aways. Imparts a sleeker, more manageable look and feel to hair. Formulated with olive-derived Olivem® VS Feel to add moisture and shine.

Liquid Crystal Hair Kit – OLIWAX® LC

Formula Number: CS15-027-01E

Hair appears fuller and thicker with a healthy shine and a silky softness. Gently moisturizes hair without weighing it down so hair looks and feels healthier. Formulated with olive oil derived Oliwax® LC.

Mild Shampoo

Formula Number: H08M1

This mild shampoo cleans hair and scalp gently with very mild, plant-based soothing agents like the olive oil derived ingredients Olivem® 300 and Olivem® 460. Its gentle and mild cleansing formula ensures total suitability for even the most sensitive of scalps.

Nourishing Hair Mask

Formula Number: TA06-13-8

Nourishing Hair Mask is a rich, nourishing cream. It restores the hair’s barrier, repairing damage due to warm and brushing. Olivem® 300 and Oliwax®, olive-derived ingredients, hydrate hair as well as acts as a natural conditioner. Nourishing Hair Mask is brilliant for rejuvenating brittle dry damaged hair and giving it a healthy shine.

Nourishing Stardust Water

Formula Number: CS16-039-01F

This brilliant leave-in hairspray gives a shiny effect to the hair in one simple step, leaving hair perfectly polished. The smart combination of amino acids and oils such as Olivem® 300 and Florasolvs® Macadamia-16 provides moisture, color protection and structure and repairs surface damage.

Recovery Hair Mask

Formula Number: NAD025-08-07A

Bring back shine and manageability with Recovery Hair Mask, formulated to renew damaged hair. Combining naturally-derived olive oil ingredients, Recovery Hair Mask helps repair dry, over-processed and color-treated hair. So powerful, just a small amount is enough to restore dried out strands to be soft, lustrous and shining in minutes. Recovery Hair Mask makes dry or damaged hair look, feel, and behave like virgin hair and increases hair’s resistance to breakage while healing, protecting, and preventing further damage.

Ringing Gel with Aloe Hair Moisturizer & Styler

Formula Number: JZ2-85

This formulation makes use of a combination of mild nonionic surfactants, a phosphate emulsifier, select emollients and humectants, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to deliver a ringing gel suitable for hair styling applications.

Shampoo Base for Suspension of Particulates and Oils

Formula Number: 080527

Shampoos using particulate anti-dandruff actives and/or liquid silicone conditioners and requiring effective deposition on the hair and scalp may benefit from this shampoo base.  HallStar® SAB-2N Flake provides the needed suspending capability for the Zinc Pyrithione or Selenium Sulfide powders and silicone oils while the lauryl sulfate and amide provide the requisite foaming for consumer acceptance.

Shiny Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Formula Number: NAD025-08-24B

A moisturizing conditioner that restores dry and chemically treated hair. Oliwax® encourages moisture retention while Olivem® 300 restores moisture and hydrates. Frequent washing, heat styling and processing damage the hair’s natural protective layer, so it becomes very porous and unable to seal in moisture. Shiny Hair Mask for Dry Skin helps stop the cycle of dryness and damage.

Shiny Shampoo

Formula Number: NAD083-13-11B

This brightening shampoo, enriched with Biochemica® Argan Shine, keeps hair luminous, vibrant and healthy-looking. Shiny Shampoo is infused with Olivem® 300 and Florasolvs® Macadamia-16 which replenish and hydrate the scalp, while Olivem® 460 gently cleanses and preserves hair and scalp health.

Silky Hair Conditioner

Formula Number: CS15-027-01B

Nourishing formula perfect for treating damaged hair. Thanks to the presence of co-emulsifier Olivem® 900, this Silky Hair Conditioner formula has a soft and velvet after-feel. Olivem® 900 also acts as a conditioner improving the silkiness and the smoothness of the hair.

Simple Hair Conditioner Base

Formula Number: JZ1-158M

This simple hair conditioner base makes use of CoChem™ SCS, a creme rinse conditioner concentrate compatible with a wide range of additives, including moderate levels of electrolytes. So the performance of CoChem™ SCS-based products can be tailored to provide the specialized performance properties, enhanced esthetics and unique consumer appeal required for products ranging from everyday-use conditioners to once-a-week treatments.
This formulation is a platform from which to demonstrate the versatility of CoChem™ SCS. As is, it provides full functionality as a hair conditioner.  Simply add colorant(s), preservative and fragrance (parfum) of your choice. Specialty ingredients such as effect pigments, cationic polymers, quaternaries, esters, silicones, protein hydrolyzates and botanical extracts may be incorporated to deliver other esthetic and functional benefits, often without adverse effect on finished product stability.

SLES-Free Body and Hair Shampoo

Formula Number: TA06-40-02

Daily body and hair shampoo, SLES-free. It gives a pleasant skin feeling thanks to the presence of Olivem® 300 and its moisturising properties. Suitable for sensitive skins and baby care.

Thymus Balancing Shampoo

Formula Number: CS15-034-14F

Thymus Balancing Shampoo is a balanced combination of specific ingredients which guarantee a gentle cleansing, helping to restructure the hair, leaving it shiny and soft. Thanks to Eurol® BT and thymus extract, this shampoo balances and strengthens the hair, preventing the weakening and fall. It also ensures a “conditioner effect” that makes the hair soft, shine and easy to comb.

Zinc Pyrithione-Based Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Formula Number: 080528

This anti-dandruff shampoo uses particulate Zinc Pyrithione as the active ingredient.  HallStar® SAB-2N Flake provides the needed suspending capability for the Zinc Pyrithione powder while the lauryl sulfate and amide provide the requisite foaming for consumer acceptance.

Zinc Pyrithione-Based Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Formula Number: JZ1-291A2S

This anti-dandruff shampoo formulation with Zinc Pyrithione makes use of HallStar® SAB-2N Flake to maintain the active ingredient in dispersed form. HallStar® SAB-2N Flake contributes opacity as well as desirable rheological properties to the finished product. Foam quantity and stability may be adjusted by modifying the level of RTD Coco Sulfate.

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